Go MINI Stunt Launcher

Recently the boys were asked if they’d like to review the Go Mini Stunt Launcher from Golden Bear. As they were in the middle of the E.ON batteries not included challenge and as this toy doesn’t need batteries it came at the perfect time for us to try it out.
Golden Bears Go MINI collection is one of the most exciting launches for boys this Christmas. There are four ranges and 17 cars to collect, each with its own name, fun features, and unique decoration there’s a Go MINI for everybody. There are 5 Stunt Racers (like the one we were sent) in the normal range and one exclusive Stunt Racer that is only available with the Stunt Launcher. 
The cars in the collection are extremely cute, each with their own personality and a stunt to match, the stunt launcher allows you to ‘charge’ the car by pulling back the handle (this was one of James’ favourite bits when playing with the launcher). The rev counter clocks up every time you pull the lever back, then press the start button and watch the car race off along the floor.  The car we were send does a wheelie when you put into stunt mode. To put the car into stunt mode you need to turn a little dial underneath the car. 

The stunt launcher is priced around £19.99 and available from all good toy retailers, the additional cars are priced from £4.99. But you do not need the launcher to be able to play with the cars as they can be charged up manually by pulling them backwards.

James really enjoyed playing with the stunt launcher and as it doesn’t require batteries it will never become one of those toys that stops being played with when i forget to replace the batteries.

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