Geomag Wheels Police Chase Triple Pack

This week Callum has been really busy reviewing some fab toys. He has been really pleased about this as normally most of the toys we get to review are for his little brothers.
Callum and I have just finished  making the Geomag Wheels Police Chase Triple Pack.
Geomag is like no other toy on the market, it is a magnetic construction system that uses magnetic rods and chrome spheres. The Police Triple pack contains  68 pieces and enables you to make a  Police Helicopter, a Police car and a Police 4×4. In the box you get an instructions leaflet and enough pieces for you to complete the 3 vehicles.
This was the first time Callum has ever tried constructing with Geomag and he thought it was really fun and quite easy to do. I had to help him with folding some of the edges for the 3 vehicles as he found this slightly difficult and I must admit that without any written instructions I often wondered if I was putting things into the right places.
We started with the helicopter first as we thought this looked the simplest to build, we timed ourselves and was surprised that it took us 20 minutes to put it together. We were quite impressed with the finished result though.
After we thought we’d tackle the police 4×4. This one we thought was the most difficult of the three to complete as the rods didn’t quite seem to stay in place for the wheels, this however was maybe down to the way I had folded up the body as the front wheels fitted better than the back ones.
Lastly we made the police car, this was probably the easiest out of the three vehicles to make and probably the one we should of started with as it required very little folding, even callum managed to do this one himself.
We enjoyed building the Geomag Police vehicles, its not often Callum and I get chance to spend time doing this sort of thing together so it made a lovely change. In all we spent about an hour doing them. A good point about Geomag is that they can be taken apart just as easily and a lot quicker than building them. Because the bodies are made from plastic they wont break easily and can be put back together over and over.
The Geomag Wheels Police Chase Triple Pack is available to buy from Smyths and is priced at Β£24.99.  We would certainly recommend this set.

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