Family Time

Last week we took our first ever family holiday. We stayed at Challaborough Bay Holiday Park, in Devon. I’ve never been to Devon and didn’t really know what to expect, so was slightly apprehensive to start with.   From our home in Yorkshire it took us 6.5 hours in the car, but if you added the wee breaks in too it took us a further 1.5 hours! I’d say we were relatively lucky traffic wise and only held up for a little while due to a accident on the motorway. Even the boys behaved well with all the travelling.

The site its self was lovely, all the staff were friendly and the entertainers really went out of their way to make the boys feel welcome, by the end of the week they were all up dancing and doing the party dances, Callum even helped out on stage in a game.

We didn’t really do much whilst away as the weather wasn’t all that great – we even had to stay on site two hours longer than we wanted to before being allowed to go home due to roads and local towns flooding.
We did however visit Paignton and Dawlish ( I had to sample the fudge of course) oh and a butterfly farm which was truly amazing – we even got to see some otters there too.

I think the best bit of the holiday was just being away from home and having some well deserved family time, with Matthew working long shifts we rarely get lots of time together so it was nice having 7 days to ourselves, plus with no phone signal when we were in the caravan it meant we weren’t disturbed all the time but it also meant I had chance to read my 50 Shades of Grey books uninterrupted.

All in all we had a lovely time away and cant wait to go back maybe next year and hopefully the sun will shine a little more than it did this year.

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