Rug Doctor Urine Eliminator

Having a potty training toddler and house training puppy in our house has had us run off our feet these last few weeks, We are preparing James for starting nursery in September so we have been very busy with the potty training, and with potty training comes lots of accidents on the wee front. The same can be said for a 12 week old puppy, although Penny is getting better with holding herself she still has the odd accident and when her and Sheldon first started to walk they weed everywhere they could.
Luckily for me and my floors we were asked by Rug Doctor to try their Urine Eliminator. Believe me it couldn’t have arrived at a better time.
Urine Eliminator is simple to use: Here are the steps needed for most stains such as urine, blood, faeces, vomit and perspiration to be removed, 
1. Remove any solids or excess liquids.
Turn nozzle and generously spray area. If using for urine or other
penetrating types of stains, be sure to thoroughly wet area allowing
product to reach backing and pad. Do not blot or wipe – enzymes need
moisture to work.
3. Place
a damp colour-safe towel over the treated area and let dry naturally.
In most cases it’s best to allow area to remain moist for 24-hours.
Highly contaminated areas may require a second application.
4. Once dry, if discolouration remains, simply dampen with water and blot.
Prior to use it is important that you  Apply a small amount of Rug Doctor Urine
Eliminator to the affected area. After one minute you should blot using a white,
absorbent cloth and check for colour transfer, this is to make sure the surface is
colour-safe – after all no one wants to ruin their carpet. 
Here is a before and after shot of my hallway carpet from one of Penny’s accidents. As you can see the wee stain has been removed completely and the black mark (which i believe is just a stain due to everyone walking on the carpet over and over) has also been reduced.
 Rug Doctor Urine Eliminator is available to buy from many places or online directly from Rug Doctor priced at Β£4.99. We highly recommend this product and will certainly be keeping it close to hand for the next few months. We give it a 5/5 rating.

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