Reading Chest Review 2

A couple of weeks ago I wrote my first review about Reading Chest (read it here). A few days after I signed up to Reading Chest both Callum and Nathan received an envelope each. Within the envelope was 3 books, a bookmark, progress chart and stickers and a bag for them to be able to keep their books safe.

Reading Chest has a huge range of reading books, they cover all levels from early readers to books suitable for 9 year olds. You can choose from top reading schemes used in UK schools such as Oxford Reading Tree, Project X, Collins Big Cat, Rigby Star, Alphakids, Treetops, Pocket Reads and Yellow Door, including both fiction and non-fiction. Here are the books that the boys were sent. 

Callum loves reading and is one of the stronger readers in his class, I’m hoping Nathan will be the same when he starts learning in September. Callum was really happy with the books that he was sent to read, whereas Nathan wasn’t happy at all. I think this is because he can’t read yet. We did look at the books together though and he did attempt to tell the story by what was happening on the pages so I’m hoping hes made a bit of progress, we shall see what happens when the next set of books arrive.

Here is the boys progress chart showing that after they’ve read a book they get a sticker.

They boys have read the 3 books that they were sent and are now ready to post them off so that they can receive some new books, Callum cant wait to see what he will get to read next.

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