Happy 3rd Birthday James!!

Yesterday our little James turned 3, I honestly can’t believe its been 3 years since he was born the time seems to have gone so fast. As with the births of his brothers I can remember the day well, it started around midnight with my first contraction these kept coming all night every 20 – mins or so, at 7.30 am I decided I’d had enough and woke Matthew up, rang my mum and told her to come down for Callum and Nathan and then rang the hospital, the midwife didn’t believe i was in labour as i wasn’t stopping to talk for contractions so told me to ring again in an hours. I rang back at half past eight and told her i was coming in whether she said I could or not! We arrived at the hospital at half past nine and James was born just over an hour later, the midwives hadn’t even admitted me before he was born. But like i said to Matthew I will always listen to what my body is telling me and no one else. We have a laugh every year when we reminisce about James’ birth as Matthew had a TV in the delivery room as it was the weekend of the British Grand Prix and he couldn’t miss qualifying! (I am a huge F1 fan but obviously had other things on my mind) He, like the midwives expected me to be hours before giving birth but I proved them all wrong and he got to watch the qualifying in peace (well ish) on the ward with our new son.

Anyhow 3 years down the line and here we are. As were off away next weekend we decided just to have a low key family day. James loved all of his presents and loved opening them too – this is the first time he has ever shown an interest in the unwrapping bit and it was so great to watch him, he was so excited with every thing he got.

I think James’ favourite presents are his Lets Rock Elmo, Lets Rock Cookie Monster and his Little Charley Bear Airplane toy. I’m pretty sure he had a fantastic day as he didn’t wake up until half past 9 this morning which is about 3 hours later than normal.

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