A Girl’s Worst Nightmare…

Over the last few weeks, it seems I have had the worst luck ever. They say bad luck comes in three’s well I’ve had my three and I’m hoping that’s it for a very long time, I will go into detail of two of these in another post as they are both similar and are both to do with Facebook – which is slowly but surely turning into a horrible place to be.

However, the worst of the three happened only a few days ago. I lost my beloved engagement ring. It wasn’t very expensive compared to some rings but it was MY ring. It wasn’t very old and I hadn’t realised how loose it was. I can’t recall hearing it drop.

I have looked everywhere for it, the bedrooms, bathrooms, retraced my steps to the boy’s school and even the shop where I went for a loaf of bread. I’ve looked in the garden, in the kitchen under the sofas and even in the vacuum cleaner – I can’t think of anywhere else it could be.

As you can imagine Matt isn’t best pleased about it but what else can he say, it wasn’t intentional, there’s nothing I can do but keep looking for it. I’m hoping it will miraculously turn up but as my luck seems to have done a run and bunk I’m not holding my breath! For now, the search continues – its either that or wait for a new one but as its taken 6 years to get the one I had I could be in for a long wait.

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