Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom: Elf Games DVD

Today we received a copy of Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, Elf Games DVD in the post, it was released 14th May and is available to buy online for £8.99.

The DVD has been released to coincide with the London 2012 Olympics (something I personally can’t wait for), this will hopefully get younger children interested in the Olympics too. 

My boys love Ben and Holly and are always watching it on TV. For those of you who have never seen or heard about Ben and Holly you should check out their website to see just what goes on within the Little Kingdom – http://www.littlekingdom.co.uk/, here you can see videos, read stories, play games, enter competitions and lots more.

The DVD includes 10 other episodes from the Little Kingdom, these are:

  • Nanny’s Lesson
  • The Elf Factory
  • Mrs Witch
  • Elf Joke Day
  • King Thistle’s New Clothes
  • Elf School
  • The Royal Golf Course
  • Morning Noon and Night
  • Gaston’s Visit
  • Trip to the Seaside
Nathan and James both sat glued to the TV the whole time whilst the DVD was on, this is a rarity in our house so I was glad of the peace and quiet that it brought, it allowed me to get on with a few chores I had been putting off.
Nathan said his favourite episodes were the Elf Games and Elf Joke Day. He said he liked these as they were funny. When I asked him what they were about he said that The Elf Games was about sports day like they have at school and that Holly wanted to use her magic to win but Ben said she couldn’t as it wasn’t allowed.  He said Elf Joke Day was funny as the Elves were playing tricks on each other, Nanny Plum turned The Wise Old Elf into a snail as he played a trick on her and he didn’t like it.
We give the Elf Games DVD a rating of 5/5, it is a firm favourite of ours.

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