The Puppies Update…

For the first week and a half the puppies really didn’t do much, like any newborn baby they just ate, slept and pooped! They are almost 3 weeks old now. They have begun their worming treatment and will be registered with The Kennel Club (KC) at the end of this week too.

We have finally decided on names for them too, so please say a big hello to Penny and Sheldon – if you can’t tell we are massive big bang theory fans (if you’ve never seen it you really must its great). We need to think of KC names for them and I’m struggling at the minute with this.

This last week though they have really started to change into little dogs, they are so cute. They are putting on lots of weight and look like little barrels on legs – mummies milk must be good, but because there is only two of them they can pretty much take all the milk that they need.

Both Penny and Sheldon’s eyes have opened and they are finally starting to try and walk.

Here is a little clip of Penny taking her first wobbly steps.

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