James’ New Shoes

Last week I wrote a post about the new spring / summer collection available from Clarks. We are happy to report that James is now sporting his new pair of shoes and to say that he loves them would be an understatement.

We took James along to our local store, we were met by a lovely member of staff called Wendy. James is a moody child at the best of times, so when Wendy asked him if he had come for some new shoes his reply was “NO!”, after 10 minutes of negotiating with him and a bribe of some sweets ( for a two year old he really can be stubborn) he finally sat down so his feet could be measured. Once he had sat sown he actually started to be the lovely little boy that likes to hide away. His feet were measured. His size is a 7.5f.

After his little wobble he was great and even played hide and seek with another member of staff whilst Wendy went to see what shoes they had in stock in James Size.

Wendy found 3 styles of shoes in James’ size, he tried them all on and went for a little walk up and down the shop to make sure they fitted him and that they didn’t rub his feet.

James decided that he only liked a pair of shoes from the Stomposaurus range (he is very strong minded and opinionated these days – but then show me a two year old that isn’t) (Stompo Lad Infant shoes) from the different pairs that were brought out. He liked them so much he even wore them from the shop home as he didn’t want to take them off. The shoes are made from leather and are priced at Β£32. They are available in sizes 7 to 12.5, in 3 different widths fittings.

The shoes are designed to last and have a toe bumper on them to help them looking nice and unscuffed for longer. It is shaped like dinosaur teeth. There is a holographic picture on each of the shoes, James loves this and even “roars” whilst waving his shoes about before having them put on. The picture switches between a skeleton of a T-Rex and a picture of one. The shoes are easy to be put on and taken off as they have two adjustable Velcro straps.

We would highly recommend Clarks and their shoes to all our friends. Their shoes are made from high quality materials and designed to last. We give them a 5/5 rating. Don’t forget about the fantastic range of shoes that Clarks have brought out to celebrate all things British this spring / summer to incorporate celebrating The 2012 Olympic Games and our Queens Diamond Jubilee.

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