Awaiting Some New Arrivals…

This week is a really busy week for us, we are getting ready for the arrival of Pepper’s puppies, they are due the 14th March but were unsure if she’ll make this date as she is huge. But just like with us mummies puppies can arrive any time within the last week, so its always best to be prepared early.

This week we are building her whelping box where she will have here pups and where the pups will spend the first 3 – 4 weeks. I have to check my whelping kit to make sure I have everything I need. I have to make sure we have plenty of blankets and plastic sheets, gloves and anything else that is needed to help pepper. I have all the paper work ready to be filled out so I can check the puppies weight once they are born and everyday for the first few days after. I have our vets number to hand should anything go wrong, not that if often does but if things do they need to be contacted asap!
Pepper had her first litter of puppies in October 2010 so we know what to expect but nothing is more exciting than waiting for the big day to arrive. Last time she had 8 puppies, 5 girls and 3 boys. Were unsure of the number of puppies to expect this time so this adds to the surprise.
I will keep you all up to date when I have more news πŸ™‚

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