World Book Day

The boys school celebrated World Book Day today, now my boys aren’t the biggest fan of dressing up, they don’t mind if its for say a school play but other than that I do struggle to get them to dress up, today was one of those days I wished I had a little girl (lets face it they all love to dress up and have a wardrobe full of princess dressing up things!)

So at the beginning of the week I asked both boys if they wanted to dress up and they said no! I thought OK I wont pressure them if they don’t want to then fair enough after all it wasn’t compulsory. Last night they both decided that they did in fact want to dress up – you can probably imagine my look of horror at the thought of trying to find them both costumes last minute. Luckily we had a Very Hungry Caterpillar outfit from a ugly bug ball that Callum attended a few years ago in school so Nathan said he’d like to wear that – phew that was one down.

So off to Asda we trekked in search of a costume for Callum, they didn’t have a lot of choice left so he decided it would be the Dragon outfit as Buzz Lightyear was in Callum’s opinion for babies – signs my little boy is growing up I guess.

We did have a few tears and tantrums this morning from Nathan but in the end he said he would go dressed up! Callum was really happy to dress up as he thought he looked cool as a dragon – isn’t it amazing how quickly they change their minds!!

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