Octonauts 4 in a Box Jigsaw Puzzle

The boys were recently sent their second puzzle from Ravensburger. This month they were sent The Octonauts 4 in a Box Jigsaw Puzzle! The puzzles include images of four characters including Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso. 

Each puzzle has a different coloured border, this is great as it helps young children with sorting the puzzle pieces. Nathan found the puzzles easy to complete because he could see which pieces belonged to each of the four puzzles. It also helped him to see which way the pieces need to be to complete the puzzle. His favourite character is Peso the penguin so he said he wanted to try this one first. This jigsaw has 20 pieces so one of the bigger puzzles. I thought he would struggle but he really surprised me how well he managed to find all the edge pieces and put them in their places, the only help he needed from me was to find the middle pieces out of the box. As Callum is older than Nathan he had no trouble with any of the puzzles or finding the pieces and was able to complete them really quickly. 

The boys found the puzzles easy to complete as the puzzles only had a few pieces each. The puzzles are 12, 16, 20 and 24 pieces, meaning they are ideal for use within a family with different aged children (such as my own). The finished puzzles are 19 x 14cm when complete.
The puzzles are suitable for children aged 3+ and priced at £5.99, they can be purchased from all good toy shops and retailers. We highly recommend Ravensburger puzzles, they are made from good quality materials and the pieces fit well together even when played with over and over. These are definitely puzzles made to last.

We cant wait to see which puzzle we will be reviewing next month.

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