A House Full of Germs Anyone…

Last week was the half term holiday from hell. Not because the weather was awful and we were stuck in the house, not because Matthew was on days and worked most of the holiday and not because the boys played up for me (infact they behaved really well). Oh no the reason for the school holiday from hell was due to everyone in the house being poorly.

I had the flu for the first time ever and it was every bit as nasty as I had imagined it to be. My dad used to say you if you’ve got the flu you know about it and boy is that saying true. I have to say its amazing how many people you hear saying “oh I’ve got the flu” but from my recent experience if you have the flu you cant do anything let alone be out shopping in town or out drinking with friends. At first I was confined to the bedroom and then the sofa, I couldn’t move far from them at all. I think I’m now over the worst of it and been left with a silly cough that won’t go away. On the plus side of being ill (if there ever is one) is that I lost 7lb in weight. Im hoping this will stay off but well see once I’m back to eating properly once my sore throat and cough has cleared off.
All 3 boys have had colds and coughs too, and been very quiet all holiday (not exactly how children should be during their holidays) they’ve hardly eaten or slept, its been a really long week for us. We had 4 days of PJ days which is unheard of in our house unless its Xmas or someone’s birthday – even then were only in our PJs till mid morning, its been nice in some ways as its meant we’ve snuggled together under duvets and when we’ve felt up to it watched films or played on the Wii. 
Matthew has also been poorly with Laryngitis too – its been peaceful but I’d like to be able to have a proper conversation with him again soon. Our house is full of germs and they have
I can’t wait until the boys break up for Easter it seems we’ve wasted the full week being poorly – not that it could be helped it just seems a shame as we had so many things planned and wanted a day out or two. I’m hoping Easter is less dramatic especially as its Callum’s 7th birthday the weekend before and were hoping to plan him  birthday party or a day out with some friends plus Joshua ( Matthew’s little boy will hopefully be coming to stay with us) – so please please keep your fingers crossed that we have no dramas in April – I just don’t think we’d cope!

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