What Does 2012 Have In Store For Us….

Today is officially the end of the Christmas period in our house, the decorations came down and the tree went back in its box. The walls are looking pretty bare too. Thankfully Nathan and Callum have gone back at school today as they have had enough of each others company now and are ready for a break – as am I.

There are a few things I am looking forward to this year:

1: The Olympics, I would love to go watch some of the running or equestrian events but sadly I didn’t get tickets – I am however trying my hardest to win some. But more than anything even if I cant get to London I will see the Olympic Torch relay come through our town and local villages. It is something that both myself and the boys probably wont get to see again so will definitely not be missed by us. I will certainly be watching as many of the events on TV as the other half will allow too.

2: Booking my wedding –  Matthew and I have been together 6 years nearly and have spoken about getting married for the last 3 years but there is always something that comes along and gets in the way of us actually saving anything towards our big day. I am hoping that by the end of 2012 I will have a date set ready for 2013 or 2014 – so watch this space.

3. James starting nursery in September – this will be a huge thing for me as my last child will be going off into the big wide world, I am slightly scared by this and unsure what the future holds for me as a mum where all my boys are all at school – I want to get back to work but unsure what I actually want to do. I have my tourism management degree but I don’t think this is where I want to be, having children has changed my outlook on life, I think over the next couple of months I need to have a really good think about it all.

4. A family holiday, we have never been away as a family of 5 and think we are definitely due a break away, need to start looking at them brochures I think.

5. An iPad or a Tablet not fussy as to which I get either, after reviewing the HTC Flyer I really need one for the apps like angry birds (like i have time to be playing on it I hear you cry)

Lastly I hope that 2012 sees my family healthy and happy these are the two most important things that I want and that are beyond my control. 2011 was a bit of a roller-coaster for us and has seen us share some amazing times as a family and also share a few lows. Things that I wish my children didn’t have to experience yet, but have handled everything that life has thrown at them.

Heres to a very happy 2012!!

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