Losing Weight – A Battle I’m Determined To Win…

Before I had the boys I was always pretty slim. My weight always hovered around the 9stone/9.5stone range and I never had to worry about what I ate or how much I drank. I suppose a lot of this was due to the lifestyle I led at the time, I was pretty active through school, college and university, I had a part time job in the holidays too and I always walked there and back so got plenty of exercise.

Even after having Callum my weight dropped off soon after and I was back in my size 10 jeans within weeks of him being born, after I met Matthew I even fitted into a size 8.

This all changed after having Nathan 2 and a half years later. I lost some of my baby weight but not all before falling pregnant with James when Nathan was 9 months old. The extra stone that I hadn’t managed to lose really didn’t help me at all!! But |I loved being pregnant especially as I had no major problems and once my bump grew I kind of grew into my hips – it sounds funny but the only time I have ever been comfortable about my gaining weight was whilst pregnant as I didn’t have a muffin top to hide or a horrible figure. I looked and felt radiant.

After James arrived as he was my last and I knew that he would be too I didn’t rush in losing the baby weight. I maybe should have though as it wasn’t until January 2010 that I stepped on the scales and was horrified that I weighed nearly 13stone. I had put on 2stone since having James in June 2009. I hadn’t really noticed the change until I started looking at pictures of myself. I knew I wanted to lose this weight, I wanted to get back to the weight that I was before I had Callum. I started to cut down on the unhealthy food that I had been eating. Progress was slow but it did work.

Me at my largest – I actually hate this picture!!

In April 2010, My friend Jenny and I had booked a makeover and photo-shoot day for the following July! I really didn’t want to be still fat and frumpy then. I was determined to lose weight and started exercising using EA Active for the Wii. It worked and within 2 months I had lost a stone and weighed in at 11stone 6lb. Here are two of the pictures I had taken!

I maintained this weight until January 2011. I was even more determined to lose more weight when i realised that I was still classed as being obese with a BMI over 25. I again took out the Wii and again started to watch what I ate. We had a Mini Cruise booked for March so wanted to lose weight for when we went away. I was very focused on losing weight.

All year I was pretty good and managed get down to 9stone 7lb this was just 1lb of an ideal BMI of 22. However along came Christmas and spoilt all my hard work. I stepped on the scales this morning to see that I was back up to 10stone. I really want to get to 9stone so I can look great in a dress I bought last summer. I have 3 weddings and a holiday to get me motivated to do it and to stay there. Ever since having the boys my weight has been up and down but I would really love to get to a weight where I am happy and to be able to maintain it. My main concern at the minute is shifting the weight from my hips and stomach as this is where it seems to all have collected, My legs and bum are quite small (I guess I’m lucky in that way) but I really really want to look in proportion and this is proving my hardest battle I come from a family where most my relatives are overweight and have started suffering with ill health due to this, my mum suffers from Angina and Asthma and is on blood thinners for life due to having had two blood clots in her leg in the last couple of years. I really don’t want to end up the same so by tackling my weight now I know I can get it back to where it should be.

This year I am determined to shift this last stone of weight before the end of April. I know its achievable I just need to stay focused. I have decided that every week from now until April 16th. I will weigh myself and write a post on how I have been doing. I am hoping this will help keep me on the straight and narrow and see me in that beautiful black dress once and for all. I know a stone doesn’t sound like much but to me it may aswell be 10! I want to shift it before anymore weight creeps back on. I guess I will be one of these women who are always battling with their weight and fighting to keep it where I want it to be. But from now on I am determined I will be a yummy mummy for my boys.

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