Fairy Princess Play Tent Review

I was recently asked to review http://www.playhouses.co.uk. The site has a wide range of different play houses suitable for all ages of children. There is a huge range of products to suit any budget.

In return for our review of the website we were asked if we’d like to choose a product to keep, I requested to be sent a Fairy Princess Play Tent, obviously the boys would get no use of this but I knew a little girl who would, so we sent it over to our friend Lexi, (she loves coming to play with the boys and is always trying to take a toy home with her so I thought I’d do one better for her) she adores the playhouse and is always in it. In fact her mum says she would rather be in there than anywhere else in the house. I would love to see a blue version of this play tent – i reckon it would be popular with lots of young boys especially if it was in the shape of  a castle.

The Fairy Princess Play Tent is priced at Β£74.99. Lexi’s mum and dad (Gaz and Dana) said that they found the play tent really easy to assemble and it was quite quick to put together too.

Now that Christmas is well out of the way (well its been almost a month) and the nights are starting to get a bit lighter (woohooo) our attention is turning to spring and sorting out the garden for the boys, our trampoline was recently destroyed by gale force winds and it ended up like something that would have fitted in a modern day Wizard of Oz! It flew right up and shot across the garden! But now it has left a huge gap so now were debating what to do with it? get another trampoline or a playhouse for the boys? We haven’t decided yet but I’m sure once summer arrives we will have made up our minds, at the moment I quite like the idea of a new play house for the boys to go in our garden, We will definitely be using http://www.playhouses.co.uk as they have a fast and reliable service and the website is so easy to navigate around. The boys have informed me they would like something similar to the picture posted below, and I have to say it does look quite cosy.

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