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I like any proud parent love taking pictures of my boys, I have lots of pictures on memory cards and in files on the computer but not actually that many that are printed out unless they are school photos or ones that friends have printed for me, I don’t really have a reason for this other than that I just don’t seem to print them out. I do love looking at them though through the files seeing how much the boys have changed.

I was asked by Snapfish to review some of their personalised gifts, I was given £35 to spend on gifts so I choose a photo-book, a mug and a fridge magnet.

I have never ordered a photo-book before but have always liked the idea of them, It took me ages to decide on the photos to go in the book. But once I had decided on them it was really easy to upload thme to snapfish. Designing a photo-book couldn’t be simpler either with step by step instructions. books start from as little at £9.99. The book I choose was priced at £24.99, it has a hardback cover, 20 pages that you can choose the theme of and add as many or as few pictures as you want to, the book is 11″ x 8″ in size.

The front Cover

Pictures of James as a baby!

I am really impressed with the quality of the photo-book, the pages are lovely and well printed and the pictures look fabulous.

The is the magnet that I had made.

I love it and it is hung on my fridge as I type holding important school notes in place.  Magnets start at £2.99 and would make a perfect stocking filler for any relative. You can obviously choose any photo you wish to put in the magnet, I just chose this one as it is one of my favourites of the boys.
The final item I choose was a mug, I have lots of mugs, probably enough to open up a shop if I’m honest but I always think its nice to have different styles as my mood and fancies vary from day to day, it also depends on the amount or type of drink I want too, as you can probably tell I am quite fussy over my cups!!
You can purchase a mug from Snapfish starting from £7.99, you can choose which photo you want on the mug from one to many different photos. I choose a few of my favourite pictures of the boys. You can also decide if you’d like a coloured background and for the inside of the mug too.

I would highly recommend Snapfish and their products to anyone, their service is great and items are sent out really quickly. My items arrived within 5 days of ordering them. I am about to put in an order for last minute Christmas presents as both my mum and dad have moaned saying they don’t have enough pictures of the boys! I give Snapfish a rating of 5/5.

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