Mini Micro Scooter

My kids are are what you would call typical boys, they love bikes, cars and anything that involves being able to move at the speed of light. They don’t believe in going anywhere slowly, so when recently they were sent a Mini Micro Scooter to review they were over the moon.

The Mini Micro Scooter is available to buy online and costs Β£49.99. It is suitable for children aged 3 – 5 years old and comes in a choice of two colours – blue or pink. When you open the box the scooter is really easy to assemble as it just requires the handle slotting into the base. On first inspection the scooter is really well made and really sturdy which is great for little people.

Although the scooter isn’t aimed for his age James actually loves it and can ride it quite well. I think this is because he is quite tall for his age so finds the scooter easy to use. He also has been watching his brothers play on their scooters so had a good idea what he had to do. Nathan already has a scooter so is a pro when it comes to riding a scooter, but when he tried the Mini Micro Scooter he found that he can make it turn easily but leaning the handle slightly to the left or right and can use the break effectively too. He can whizz up and down the front room all day long and finds it amusing when he comes to a stop by using the break – I cant wait until the summer arrives so they can play on the scooter in the garden.

Unlike most scooters the Mini Micro Scooter has 3 wheels this makes it more stable for whilst a child is riding it. It is also lightweight and low to the ground so should your child fall off there isn’t much of a drop to the floor. Even James when playing with the scooter can step on and off it if he needs to.

We love the Mini Micro Scooter and give a wheelie good 5/5 rating. It is definitely a great scooter that is perfect as a first scooter for any small girl or boy.

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