The boys were sent two Funbrella to review. We were sent a pink one and a black stars one. The Fubrella’s are priced at £12 and £10 for the pink one.

The Funbrella is the perfect umbrella for children with an iconic dome shape and easy use open and close mechanism. They are available in various colours and designs, some with a transparent cover for ease of vision when walking, and patterns with colour co-ordinated handles. 

Recently the boys friend Lexi came over to play, she decided she quite like the pink Funbrella and we said she could take it home with her. She is a very girly girl and loves anything pink so was very pleased when we said it was hers. Nathan also likes his Funbrella he has been using it quite a bit this last week with all the horrible weather we’ve been having. As the umbrella has quite a large dome shape, it is really strong and sturdy and has even stood the strong winds we’ve had recently.

When I first looked at the Funbrella I was concerned it wouldn’t be safe enough for the boys to use, many child umbrellas I’ve seen and purchased in the past have had sharp edges and hard opening mechanisms. However with the Funbrella I have no worries the sharp edges are covered in plastic so cant cause any damage and point down towards the floor because of its dome shape. The mechanism on the Funbrella is really easy to use and smooth too so that Nathan could open it himself. We give Funbrella a splashing 4/5 rating.

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