Fingers Crossed We’ve Cracked Potty Training!

Nathan has been dry in the day nearly a year now. But for night time I left him in pull ups for a little while longer (almost a year in fact) as Callum was a nightmare and still can  be now especially if were going anywhere or if he’s staying away from home like at a friends or even to his Nanna’s house.

We said to Nathan that once Santa had been we would be stopping him from having a pull up on a night time so last night we said to him it was time to be a big boy!! He took things in his stride – as you do, and handled it really well.

I took him to the toilet as I do with Callum before I go to bed he said he didn’t need to go and wasn’t happy that I had woken him up. So I took that as a good sign and thought that I may have wet sheets to change in the morning. But I was really surprised to find this morning that both him and his bed were bone dry. I expected us to have a few hiccups and I’m not expecting it to be this easy all the time but so far so good and so much better waiting that bit longer for him to be ready to not wear pull ups anymore.

Roll on 2012 when the whole potty training starts from scratch again with James for the third and final time – in some respects I cant wait in others my baby is growing up far too quickly and needing me less and less, its not something I like the idea of

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