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Recently I was contacted by Fancy Dress Outfitters and asked if the boys would like to review some of their children’s Christmas dressing up outfits. I accepted and then took on the task of choosing 3 costumes that I thought the boys would like. This was quite hard as there are were many to choose from. Eventually, I decided on a Shepherds outfit for Callum (for his school play tomorrow), Nathan an elves costume and James a cracker outfit.

When I first told the boys that I had been sent these costumes I was met with mixed feelings, Callum thought it was great as he gets to show it off at school in his play, Nathan detested the idea and didn’t even want to try his on and James was none the wiser and couldn’t care less (lets face it what two year old boy is bothered about clothes and dressing up). However once the costumes arrived Nathan and James’ attitudes changed, Nathan thought his costume was great and wants to wear it to his Christmas party next week and James’ keeps asking to be a cracker.

The fancy dress outfitters website has lots of different costumes to choose from and to suit any budget with Christmas outfits starting at £4.99 to £18.99, the boy’s outfits cost £16.99 for the Shepard costume, £11.49 for James’ cracker and £9.99 for Nathan’s Elf outfit. The costumes are very well made and the quality is superb. My boys are quite tall for their ages and all the outfits that I asked for fit them comfortably with plenty of room for them to move about in.

Fancy Dress Outfitters don’t just sell Christmas outfits, they sell a wide range of both adult and children’s fancy dress outfits for any occasion, I will certainly be looking them up for any outfits we may need in the future.

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