Wilkinson Toy Range

The boys were sent a selection of toys from Wilkinson to play with. They were sent a Police station building brick set, a police car, a train, a bus and an air whizzer.

The police station building brick set is great for boys who are just getting interested in making things from bricks. The set costs £20 but is on sale at the moment so if your quick you could pick it up for £16. You can buy the set in selected stores or online. The set has 750 pieces so you can build everything at once!. The best bit about the set is that it is 100% compatible with other brands, which is great if like us you have a few small sets and want to add to them. It is suitable for children aged 5 years+. Callum loves the set and has had lots of fun building things he has even used it with his other sets of lego.                  

Many toys that Wilkinson sell are ideal stocking fillers as they are very reasonably priced. We were sent four toys that would be perfect for this.

The metro city bus toy we were sent has lights, sound and opening doors. You can buy the bus toy in assorted colours and designs. It does have batteries included but these are not replaceable, Each toy bus is priced at £2.97. My boys love the bus especially James when he found the button to make it light up.

The locomotive transporter toy is priced at £3.97, the toy consists of a lorry, trailer and train. It is great for any vehicle mad
little boys. It states that they are unsuitable for children aged under 3 but James loves pushing the toys about so I think that so longs as he is supervised whilst playing with it then he is fine, my only complaint is that the plastic is quite flimsy on the trailer. This was broken within about 10 minutes of Nathan playing with it, I’m not sure if this was because he can be quite heavy handed with his toys or if it is just a bit of the design that needs to be improved slightly so it cant be broken easily.
This is a picture of James playing with the SOS police patrol car that we were sent. There are three different cars that you can buy. We were sent the BMW, the boys were quite impressed with this as was Matthew, he said it was the only BMW that our house would be able to afford and own for a while! The car requires 2 x AA batteries as it has sounds and lights. James loves this bit and continuously presses the button on the top of the car to set it off. This can be annoying as there is no off switch. 
Overall I am quite pleased with the quality of Wilkinson branded toys, they are good quality for the money that you pay. I would give them a rating of 4/5. I will definitely be buying more toys within the range for the boys and their cousin Jason. The toys will definitely make excellent christmas presents and stocking fillers. 

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