Wagg Training Treats

We have two lovely but very mischievous boxers, Yogi and Pepper. Pepper will be four in March and Yogi turned 1 on 4th November. They are very much part of our family and loved by us all. As much as they are pests they’re our pests and we wouldn’t be without them – although I would love Yogi to stop sneaking under the fence to next door.

We were recently sent some Wagg dog treats for them to try.

Wagg was born 1923, in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire but was originally named Page Feeds, they originally sold animal feed around Yorkshire. Since 1980 they have made pet foods. They are now based at Thirsk in North Yorkshire and changed their name to Wagg in the 1990’s. Wagg makes a range of pet foods for all varieties of pets, but are probably better known for making dog food.

They are priced at Β£1 a pack and can be bought in most pet stores and supermarkets.

When I opened the treats I noticed that they smelt quite pleasant – something which I never think of with dog treats and foods. All Wagg foods and treats contain no artificial colours or flavours and promote a healthy immune system as they contain antioxidants.

The Treats are small meaty bones, there are three flavours: chicken, beef & lamb. The treats have added yoghurt for healthy teeth & bones. They are,

  • The Ideal Training Aid
  • Great for Training Puppies
  • No Artificial Colours or Flavours
  • No Added Sugar

From the picture below I’d say both Pepper and Yogi like the treats. They are very good and will sit and give their paw when they see you have treats. 

Yogi and Pepper give the Wagg training treats a 5/5 rating.

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