Raskullz Safety Helmet Review

Callum was very kindly sent a Raskullz safety helmet from Ozbozz. He hasn’t had a great amount of time to use the helmet as the weather here has been totally awful. He says he can’t wait until next Summer so he can use it whenever he uses his bike and scooter – which I hope will be almost everyday. This is an improvement from Callum’s usual attitude towards wearing a safety helmet as he doesn’t like to wear one and will usually refuse to wear it – the rule in our house is that he isn’t allowed to use his bike out of the garden without one so he very rarely gets to use his bike.

The helmets are unique in design.Callum was sent the Mohawk style helmet. He says it makes him look cool and gives him “spiky” hair.
There are 3 other designs for you to choose from at the minute, these are a shark for young boys and a unicorn or ladybug for the younger girls. There are other designs coming soon too, including a rabbit and a bee.

The Raskullz are designed to encourage children to wear the protective safety helmets more often. They will provide protection against minor impacts and abrasions when scooting, skating, boarding or cycling.
The Raskullz helmet is fitted with an adjustable safety strap. This makes it easy to adjust to fit your child’s head comfortably. They Conform to safety standards and have instructions included to ensure they are fitted properly. It is recommended that the helmets are used for children age 5 years+. The helmet is priced at Β£19.99. I believe it is worth every penny if it encourages your child you wear their helmet. I give the Raskullz a super rating of 4/5. Plus with Christmas fast approaching a Raskullz helmet would go perfectly with a new bicycle or scooter if your child has asked Santa to bring them one.

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