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As a busy mum of 3 small boys and owner of 2 boxer dogs our house is always in need of a clean or a tidy, the boys and dogs are like tornadoes when it comes to mess and can spread it quicker than I can clean up after them. I can guarantee 10 minutes after cleaning up after them the mess made will be twice as bad as it was before and even worse if they’ve been in the garden. The dogs are very nosy and often I have come home to find their muddy paw prints on work tops and kitchen appliances. This can be a nuisance but it can also spread germs, I always clean down my worktops before preparing food and have to give the kitchen cabinets and appliances a clean pretty much every day too just to be on the safe side.

Recently I have been trying out some cleaning products from Milton. I knew Milton produced sterilising products for baby equipment but that was about it. So when I was asked to try some out I thought why not. We were sent 4 products to try. We were sent some Antibacterial Surface Wipes, Antibacterial Fabric Solution, Antibacterial Hand Gel and Antibacterial Surface Spray.

The Antibacterial Surface Wipes are really easy to use. They can be used on any surface within your home and are ideal to take out with you especially if you need to use public baby changing facilities. The wipes are fragrance free and are clinically proven to kill harmful bacteria. The wipes are 100% biodegradable. I have used them on my work surfaces in the kitchen and to clean my appliances like my washing machine and fridge. The wipes are priced at Β£2.29 each.

Now that the winter is closing in this time of year is notorious for sickness bugs and germs spread like wildfire in the boys school (I’m pretty sure that its the same everywhere). If  I’m really honest I hate this time of year as I can guarantee at least one of the boys if not all will come down with a stomach bug and at the very least a cold between now and Christmas. It seems like a vicious never ending circle in our house and is one I try to nip in the bud when the first one comes home ill. I tend to get on military cleaning mum mode, I clean the house top to bottom and change their bedding but I had no idea that any germs on their clothes or bedding would survive a wash cycle. How wrong was I? The answer is very! Over the past two weeks I have been using the Antibacterial Fabric Solution in every wash load and will definitely make sure I am well stocked up should we have any nasty bugs in our home. The Antibacterial Fabric Solution can be used at low temperatures which is great for those of us who like to do our bit for the environment. It can be used on most types of material and is gentle with most skin types. it is simple to use as you only need to put 20ml in per wash. It works by killing bacteria and fungi that normal washing doesn’t get rid of. It is priced at Β£5.73 for a 1 litre bottle.

With the 3 boys being out and about is a real chore especially when they are being toilet tourists even at 6 Callum is constantly asking to use a toilet in pretty much every place we visit. I love the Antibacterial Hand Gel as it is the perfect size to carry in my bag and just whip it out whenever I need it, when any of us have been to the bathroom or before we have something to eat it is easy just to get it out and use as you don’t need to use it with water, it is also quick drying. The gel has a pleasant clean fragrance to it too that isn’t over powering. It is priced at Β£2.19 for 100ml.

I have been using the Antibacterial Surface Spray both in our kitchen and bathroom, it has a lovely clean fragrance which isn’t too over powering. The spray is a great way of cleaning, it is also fast and effective and is proven to kill a wide range of bacteria including the really nasty ones that cause food poisoning such as E.coli and Salmonella. It even kills fungi which is responsible for causing Thrush. The spray is non tainting too so it wont leave a smell on any surface that you use it on. It is also perfect for cleaning most surfaces in the home, kitchen worktops, changing mats and the bathroom sink!! The spray is available to purchase at Β£2.29 for a 500ml bottle.

For further information about these products or other Milton products visit http://www.milton-tm.com. Milton items can be bought in supermarkets and pharmacies or online.

You can follow Milton on Facebook and Twitter for offers and new product information.

I would highly recommend the Milton hygiene range of products they are effective and reasonably priced. They are ideal for around the home and when out and about. I give the whole range a rating of 5/5.

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