A Matalan Christmas

I was recently sent a £50 Matalan gift voucher, I was told to spend it on anything I wanted in store so longs as it was spent on festive items. I decided to buy some lovely decorations for our home.

I was quite shocked at the large range of products available from Matalan as when I have been in store and online before I haven’t really paid attention to their homeware products. I am a huge fan of the clothes range and love the fact that there are lots of different styles to suit everyone at very reasonable prices. We have already bought and plan to wear a couple of outfits for our Christmas nights out. I love this dress and is priced at £28, the shoes are also priced at £18. The suit is priced at £33 for the Jacket and £12 for the trousers. I will be going back to our local store soon to buy the boys their outfits too.

Before I went in to our local Matalan store I had a look online to see the types of products that are available to buy. I fell in love with all the decorations as they are all so pretty, Matthew said I had to choose something different to what we already had so I decided that this year we would change our theme completely. We have always had a silver and blue theme for our decorations and as beautiful as this looks after 6 years I think a change would be great. So this year I have decided we are having a natural / traditional theme, Matalan have lots of items that would fit perfectly in with this and they are all named “woodland”- this is a mixture of browns, purples and golds. Below are some of the items that I bought.

I bought some lovely gold and bronze tinsel. This is priced at £3 for 3 metres. It is lovely and thick and will go lovely on our tree. I may need to buy some more but if I do I know exactly where to get it from.

I also bought some lovely decorations that are going to sit on my mantelpiece. I bought a lovely Santa figure that lights up, this was something that the boys asked us to buy as they liked that it changed colours. This is priced at £6. I bought  two Mr and Mrs Nutcracker ornaments. The Nutcrackers are priced at £5 for the smaller ones (the ones I bought) or £12 for the larger ones. They are both lovely and make the perfect addition to a traditional Christmas theme. You can also buy nutcracker tree decorations too (see picture), I didn’t see these in store or online, but I hope to be able to find some soon as they would make a lovely addition on our tree.

I also bought the below items, they are really really pretty and will look fabulous in our house – I haven’t bought the bauble wreath yet but I will very soon as it will match the other bauble decoration which is going to be a table centre piece for us this year until Christmas dinner it will sit on our windowsill. The garland is priced at £6 and will look great around any fireplace. The bauble tree decoration and wreaths are priced at £8.00 each.

I bought these beautiful tree decorations for £2 each they are adorable and I cant wait to see them on my tree. They are made to look like pine cones. They are decorated with glitter too so they sparkle when the light catches them. I intend to buy lots of other tree decorations from Matalan as they have lots online and in store and lots that will go with the ones I have already purchased.

The decorations posted above are examples of other available in store and online. Not all decorations are available in all stores. There are also many decorations for you to see and buy online. You can also see and purchase some other tree decorations online too. There are different varieties and themes too not just the ones that I have wrote about.

Lastly I bought this beautiful set for the boys, it is a cup and plate set just for Santa, the boys are already excited about the big day and can’t wait to leave him some milk and biscuits in his very own personalised pottery. the set is hand panted and is priced at £6.

I have written about the above products as these were the ones I bought and in my opinion the ones I like the best. I give Matalan’s Christmas range a fantastic rating of 5/5. They are fantastic quality and really good value for money.

I will write another post in a couple of weeks once all the decorations are in place. We cant wait for Christmas to arrive in our house.

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