James’ Clarks Shoes Review

Once Callum and Nathan had chosen their new shoes it was James’ turn to have his feet measured and choose some new shoes from Clarks new autumn range of shoes. Well when I say choose this was actually my chance to choose some shoes for him.

James was in quite a stroppy mood when it was his turn. He likes to say no a lot and make a bit of noise. He is too small to use the measuring machine so his feet were measured using a foot measurer.  The process is pain free but gets an accurate measurement, it can take a while to get a measurement if the child is misbehaving, but to say James was being moody it didn’t take Carol long to measure his feet. James’ feet measured in at a 7F. All 3 boys feet were the same width.

Carol brought out 3 pairs of shoes that were in James’ size for us to choose from. We let him try them all on and go for a run around the shop – lets face it 2 year old children don’t walk anywhere!! I loved all the shoes and had a really hard time choosing which ones to get James. I wanted to make sure that they would last him and be comfy for him on his little feet. In the end I decided on a pair of boys Fun Lites Infant shoes.

These shoes are designed with active little boys in mind. They are made from blue leather and have an very light and flexible sole. They have adjustable twin Velcro straps to make sure that the shoes fit securely. The shoes have hidden lights in the heels, James loves stomping around to make them light up! The shoe are available in sizes 7 – 9.5 and come in 3 different width fittings (F,G,H).
I think I made the right choice for James in regards to his shoes as he is always stomping around the room or kicking things to make them flash, he even laughs at this when he sees what he can make them do. I would highly recommend Clarks shoes and give them a rating of 5/5.

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