I am Officially a Widow…

An Xbox widow that is… and probably for the foreseeable future or until I buy some different games or hide the controllers!

I love my partner Matthew to bits, in fact he means the world to me, there is no one I would rather spend time with – other than our children and pets. But just lately or rather the last week or so I have seen less and less of him due to work or Battlefield 3! I fear this is only going to get worse with Call of Duty 3 due for release in a matter of days. I wouldn’t mind but all the games are the same, they look the same and I’m pretty certain that they play the same too. He would argue this and has done recently that they aren’t the same at all and are oh so different! Like I say I beg to differ. I’m pretty sure that all us partners would argue the same points though. I don’t mind him playing the games I play consoles myself when I find the time, I just don’t like the same games for hours on end when all they seem to do is run around and shoot everyone.

As soon as my soaps (I admit I’m a bit of a fanatic) have finished he whips the TV remote from me and he’s away, head set on and babbling rubbish to his mates. I think it has been made worse for me in that the last few weeks in that he has been working days so home on an evening. I shouldn’t moan about this as we get to see more of him but I do and often (but isn’t this not a woman’s prerogative)

We are sat side by side, him on the Xbox and me writing this post barely chatting to each other – unless one of us has uttered the words “make a brew” or “it’s your turn to put the kettle on”. Wow how boring do we sound?

Don’t get me wrong I love playing on the consoles but I am definitely a Mario kinda girl. I love nothing better than whizzing around the Mario Kart tracks or stomping through levels of Lego character filled games. But these shoot em types well they just bore me, yes each to their own I hear you cry and I do agree but cant the creators of these types of game make them a bit more different even if its just for us poor woman who have to endure them from afar.

So roll on the next 9 days – he’s on holiday from work (and will no doubt be playing his not so little socks off), he’s then back to work and on nights so I can have my beloved TV back – just in time for I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!! Trashy TV at its best and I love it.

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