He Loves Me…

Today James uttered those 3 beautiful words that all parents long to hear once their child can talk and it was magic to my ears. Now he didn’t say them clearly but I said “I love you James” and he replied “wove you muma”. But its all I needed to hear as now I know he loves me!! Of course I know this already but to actually hear it officially it gives me a great feeling.

My heart melted instantly and I had one of those silly smiles on my face for ages after. Matthew has been saying for a couple of weeks that hes said it to him but I didn’t believe him after all he doesn’t even call him Daddy, Dada or anything!! You say whose that? (pointing to Matthew) He looks at you like you’ve said something foreign to him! Yes he’s still small and hardly says anything but you’d think Daddy would be one of the words he’d say but nope no matter how hard you try he just wont say it!! So like I say I just didn’t believe it!!

I’m looking forward to hearing him tell me more how much he “woves” me – no matter how many children you have or how many times you hear it you never get tired out it, and there’s nothing more special than that first time.

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