Happy Birthday Nathan!!

Today Nathan turned 4! well not officially until 11.41pm but I think its a little unfair to make him wait all that time  – don’t you?

He has had a lovely day and has been ever so excited about it for the last month at least, he hasn’t shut up about it, and has counted down the days, tonight before bed he said “I can’t wait until I’m five mummy – how many sleeps is that?” I said a lot! I think he needs to slow down a bit. I need a year just to get over today and it hasn’t been that hectic.

He had asked for a really long list of different toys. But we decided to buy him 2 of the presents that we thought he wanted the most as he had asked for them every time he’d seen them advertised on TV. We bought him the Imaginext Bat Mobile and the Imaginext Batcave. He was really pleased with these presents. He hasn’t stopped playing with them all day and even tried to stay off school today so he could keep on playing.

Nathan was also sent lots of lovely cards from all his friends and received some lovely presents from his Auntie Kimberley.

I have to give a very special mention to the lovely Robyn who sent Nathan a lovely Alvin Teddy from Build a Bear Workshop (as you know we have already done a few reviews for them already). He absolutely adores Alvin and the Chipmunks so he was extremely happy when he unwrapped his teddy this morning. He has taken him up to bed with him tonight. He has said he is going to sleep with Cheeky Monkey (the teddy he made on our visit back in august to build a bear workshop)

We’ve not had a party this year but we did have a lovely cake and a sing song. We are going to see Santa on Saturday in York so I don’t think Nathan will miss having a party too much.

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