The Turnpike Brewers Fayre Pub

Brewers Fayre pubs pride themselves on being the perfect place for families to enjoy classic pub grub at fantastic prices. They are very family orientated as most pubs have family zones and play areas. They are the perfect place to come with your family.

We were invited along to our local Brewers Fayre pub. The one nearest to us is called the Turnpike. We had a table booked for 6pm for the 5 of us to have a meal. When we arrived we were greeted by a lovely member of staff who showed us to our table. She told us what was available on the menu and showed us the members of staff who would be serving us.

All Brewers Fayre Pubs have a menu that has a vast range of meals for you to choose from. They have a different all you can eat buffet throughout the week for a great price of £5.99 per person. You could have Chinese on a Monday, Curry on a Tuesday and Thursday, Mexican on a Wednesday, Fish Shop on a Friday and on Sunday a Carvery that is priced at £9 per person. If none of these tickle your taste buds you can choose from many of the other meals that the pub has to offer.

It was really hard choosing what we wanted to eat as there was so much choice and everything looked absolutely gorgeous. None of us fancied the buffet so we all chose a meal from the menu. I chose smothered chicken.  This was served with chips, coleslaw, side salad and barbecue sauce and costs £8.50. Matthew decided on the beef and ale pie. This was served with chips, garden peas and gravy and costs £6.99. James had a meal from the children’s menu, this cost £3.99. He chose chicken nuggets with chips and beans. Both Callum and Nathan wanted beef burgers. They were asked if they wanted the adult meals as these were on offer within the 2 meals for £10 range, they both said yes (I’m sure this was so that they got a bigger burger). This was served in a toasted bun with salad, chips, onion rings and coleslaw.

Although it was extremely busy in the pub we were only waiting 20 minutes before our food arrived, it was all cooked perfectly and we all really enjoyed it. We would highly recommend The Turnpike and other Brewers Fayre pubs to our friends. We all enjoyed our meals and hardly left a thing, we were asked if we’d like dessert but said no as we were all so full. The puddings looked amazing and were also great value for money, its a shame we didn’t have more room in our tummies.

The boys asked if they could play in the play zone but we said no. The main reason was that it was extremely busy in there with children that were much older than my 3 boys, had it been quieter we would have happily let the boys play as there is lots for them to play on. We have promised the boys that we will come back at a time when it will hopefully be quieter so that they can have a really good play in the play zone.

All the staff were really nice and helpful, they were all really friendly and made sure that we had everything we needed. I think this was really good of them as they were all rushed off their feet, it was nice to see that they were doing the same with every customer and not just us.

We would highly recommend a visit if you want great tasting food at fantastic prices. We give The Turnpike and Brewers Fayre a fantastic 5/5 rating. We cant wait to go back, were even planning on making our visits more regular.

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