Sanex Zero Range

We were recently sent some products from Sanex to review. We are really lucky in our family that we don’t suffer with many skin problems, the boys have had mild eczema whilst small, I have dry skin when the weather changes (weird I know but has always been the same) and Matthew is sensitive to certain wash powders but other than that I would say we have “normal” skin. I do think one of the main reasons why we don’t have many problems is down to the products that we already use on a day to day basis. I use non bio wash powder and fabric softener and when it comes to bath products I try to buy ones that aren’t heavily scented and ones that help to protect our skins. I have always used baby products for all 3 boys as they are kind and gentle to skin. Now that they are getting older I would like to try and find a product that we can all use but one that is still just as kind to all our skins.

We were sent 3 products to try from the new Sanex Zero range, these are Sanex Zero dry skin, normal skin and sensitive skin, all 3 are available to buy for Β£1.89 each. They come in a 250ml bottle. This range is great for all members of our family, as they cater for our different skin types. We have all tried each of the 3 types and they all leave all our skins clean and soft. Sanex Zero only contains ingredients that are needed to make sure your skin is left moisturised. All products in the range contain no Parabens, no Colourants, no Phthalates and no Phenoxyethanol, this is why it is named Zero because it has non of the things that can be harmful or cause irritation to your skin. Not only that but Sanex Zero is kind to the environment as it has a biodegradable formulation and isn’t harmful to the water systems when it washed down the plug hole.

Sanex Zero is definitely a range that has everything I want and look for when it comes to skincare products for my family. We will certainly continue to use Sanex Zero in our house as it is great for our skins and kind on the environment too. We give it a squeaky clean 4/5 rating.

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