Nathan’s Clarks Shoes Review

Once Callum had chosen his new shoes it was Nathan’s turn to have his feet measured and choose some new shoes from Clarks’ new autumn range of shoes.

Nathan was quite nervous when he was told to step onto the special machine that measures children’s feet. The process is pain free but gets an accurate measurement and takes literally 30 seconds to 1 minute to do if the child is behaving. This was Nathan’s first time being measured with the machine so he didn’t know what to expect. Carol did a great job at reassuring him that he would be fine and that he wouldn’t be hurt in anyway. By the end of measuring he was laughing and giggling. Nathan’s feet measured in at a 9F.

Carol brought out 3 pairs of shoes for Nathan to chose from, He tried all 3 pairs on and went for a walk in each one to see which ones fitted him the best. We asked him which one he liked best and he chose a pair of StomoBoy infant shoes.

The shoes are available in 4 different colours, blue, khaki, brown and dark brown. Nathan chose the blue ones. The shoes are made from leather and have a toe guard so the shoes will look nicer for longer, Nathan has only been at nursery since last January and has already had 3 new pairs of shoes due to scuffing them. I am hoping that these shoes will last longer than any of the others. The toe guard is shaped like dinosaur teeth. The shoes also have a dinosaurs eye on them and a picture of a dinosaurs skeleton on the underneath. The leather is made to look like dinosaurs scales too. The shoes fasten with 2 Velcro straps so its easier for the little people to put them on for themselves. Nathan used to struggle with his shoes but now he doesn’t and thinks its great he can do it himself. 

The StomoBoy infant shoes are available from a size 7 and go up to a size 12.5. They are available in half sizes and 3 different width settings (E,F,G).

Nathan said he loves his shoes because they are dinosaurs and they make him stomp around (I’m sure that’s just his excuse so he can make lots of noise and stamp his feet) he says that they are easy to put on and really comfortable to wear. Nathan and I give Clarks and the StomoBoy infant shoes a stomping great 5/5 rating.

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