The Jet storm Review – don’t let your money go down the drain

I was recently asked to review a new energy saving showerhead by Ecocamel called the JetStorm. 

As a family we try to do our bit for the environment and to keep our bills down too. We recycle as much as possible, only boil as much water in the kettle that is needed and use a teapot for tea. I am always looking for other ways to help the environment and save money.

With 5 of us in the house using the shower we use a lot of water which means our water bill is high. I was pleased to find out that the JetStorm can cut your water bills by a whopping 40%. 

So… How can it be so good whilst also using less water I hear you ask.
Air is forced into the water stream through a small hole located at the bottom of the handle. 
When the air and water mix the mixture spins around at high speed causing turbulence which increases the pressure in the shower head. This forces the water out of the shower head with all the power of a conventional shower but uses up to 45% less water.
An Ecocamel Injet shower has a big advantage over its rivals. The water droplets are much softer and lighter so when they hit the skin they burst easily soaking you rather than splashing  everywhere. Normal droplets bounce off of the skin which means you have to use more water to get you wet and more water means more money down the drain.
Ecocamel products go through a rigorous testing to make sure we meet the strictest water efficiency criteria.
  • Cuts hot water bills by 40%
  • Significantly reduces the water you use in the shower (a typical family of four can save up to 56,000 litres a year)
  • Cuts energy use and carbon emissions
  • Payback periods typically just 3 months (with annual savings calculated to be Β£240 a year)
*Test results based on a family of four taking a daily seven-minute shower (Independent testing conducted at Liverpool John Moores University)
The JetStorm is priced at Β£49.99 + P&P.

I actually love using the new shower head and give it a rating of 4/5, the 3 boys hate any shower and would give it a rating of 0/5 but that is purely because they hate having the water pour over their heads. They do however love it when the shower is turned off and any water left in the head pours out of the air hole, they giggle and say that the shower is having a wee. 

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