Hexbug Nano Review

What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a Hex Bug? Hex Buggggggg” 

This is the tune many parents may be familiar with from TV adverts, my boys love it and always sing along to it and sing it after its been on, usually for long after its finished  – an advertisers dream I can imagine. Recently the boys were very lucky to receive some Hexbug Nano toys through the post. They were really excited and sang “the Hexbug song” (as its known in our house – over and over again)

So what is a Hexbug Nano I hear you ask! Well in its simplest form it is a robot that acts like a real bug. The toys are suitable for children aged 3+. They have 12 legs and scuttle around the room, if they bump into things they change direction and if they flip on their backs they right themselves. 
Below you can see in the video that I made how the Hexbugs behave. They zoom off everywhere. In the background you can also hear Nathan laughing as you can tell just from this he thinks they are great.

The Hexbugs are great fun and the boys have had hours of fun playing with them. They are battery operated and the battery comes included, they only downside to them is that the battery doesn’t last long, maybe 3 – 4 hours maximum on the plus side the battery can be replaced fairly easy. 

There are 5 different coloured  Hexbug Nanos for you to collect. You can register your bugs online so you can keep a record of your collection.

They are priced at Β£8.99 each or can be bought as a full collection. You can also buy different habitats for the Hexbugs so you can have races with them. This again makes them the ideal toy to have for lots of fun. They would make the perfect stocking filler this Christmas too and I’m pretty sure no little boy would be disappointed if they were to receive one or two of these little beasties this Christmas. My boys have already asked for more of the Hexbugs.

We give the bugs a fabulous rating of 4/5, they are great fun to play with and keep my boys entertained for hours.

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