Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 2011

If you’ve been for a trip to the supermarket over the last week you may have seen some items that have had a change of package design. The reason for this is they are supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many of your usual items have gone”pink” to help raise awareness. 

Over the last ten years Breakthrough has developed an enviable track record of success in breast cancer research, with a reputation for funding pioneering, world-class research that is rapidly translated to the clinic for patient benefit“. 

In addition to items in the supermarket being sold with different packaging, many other companies have also produced special items / products as limited editions to help support Breakthrough and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, these include Pandora, Adidias, Marks and Spencer, Coast, Warehouse,GHD and many many more. All products carry a donation to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. 

GHD Limited Edition Pink Orchid

The GHD straighteners pictured above can be bought for £129 with £10 from every pair sold going straight to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Similarly Marks and Spencer have numerous products for sale where a donation will be made from each item sold. The necklace is priced at £18 with 10% of its sale price being donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

There are many more products that you can buy that will give a donation to  Breakthrough Breast Cancer.
You can support Breakthrough Breast Cancer by donating, this can be done in a number of ways –  http://www.breakthrough.org.uk/donate/index.html 
Breakthrough Breast Cancer has a long term aim for the future, they say that:
We are determined to maximise our impact over the next five to ten years and make even greater advances towards removing the fear of breast cancer and improving patients’ survival of the disease“. 
I really hope that they can achieve this as what they do is so worthwhile and means so much to so many people. They are changing things for the better long may it continue.

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