Funmats – The Art of School Fundraising

We were recently asked to review FunMats. FunMats is a company based in Malvern, Worcestershire, their business is running fundraising art projects, these are aimed at schools so that they can make extra money through fundraising.
The idea is simple each child draws a picture that is used to produce a choice of gifts, you can choose from coasters, shopping bags, glass kitchen boards, T-shirts, place mats and other gifts. (all these products are made in the UK). Parents can choose to as many products as they want or none at all.

FunMats is a way for schools to raise extra money. Projects are easy and fun for the children to complete. To show this Callum was asked to draw any picture that he wanted on the piece of paper we were sent. He drew a picture of himself, his Daddy and Grandad enjoying a days fishing on his Grandad’s boat. As you can maybe see from the picture below they had a great time and all caught a fish. This picture would then be transferred on to a product of our choice. We chose the glass kitchen board. 

The picture Callum drew 
The finished project

The projects are popular with  a lot of parents because it creates lasting pieces of their child’s artwork and make fantastic Christmas gifts at the same time.  Projects are also popular with many teachers,as any age child can create a project and most areas within the National Curriculum can be included to feature in the pictures that the children design. I love Callum’s picture and it is going away as part of my dad’s Christmas present  He will love it as he is always asking the boys to bring him pictures that they have drawn at school.

FunMats fundraising is ideal for schools as it is risk free, so no money will be lost by the school. This is because there is no minimum order and every sale made makes a profit for the school. The money is collected from parents for the products they order before any payment is sent to the company – so there are never any items left over or wasted. If a parent doesn’t want any products they do not have to buy them, similarly the parents can order more than one product should they wish to do so. The items are relatively cheap to purchase and make inexpensive gifts for relatives or even as a keepsake for the parent. Depending on the item bought depends on the profit made by the school for example if a child makes a coaster the profit would be 50p but if a glass kitchen board is purchased (like the one callum asked for) a profit of Β£3 is made for the school. 

I will be recommending FunMats to the boys school when they go back after half term as they are always looking for fun ways to get the children and parents involved in fundraising. We give the FunMats a fun-tastic 4/5 rating.

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