Callum’s Clarks Review

The boys and I were invited along to our local Clarks shoe shop to review Clarks’ new autumn range of shoes. We were greeted by sales assistant Carol and store manager Jane. Both ladies were really friendly and very helpful and were even still smiling after the 3 boys had them running around after them.

We were asked who wanted to go first for their fitting and as Callum is the oldest he said that it should be him who went first.

Callum was really excited when he was told to step onto the special machine that measures older children’s feet. The process is pain free but gets an accurate measurement and takes literally 30 seconds to 1 minute to do if the child is behaving. Callum’s feet measured in at a 13F.

Carol brought our 3 pairs of shoes in Callum’s size. He tried all 3 on and even went for a walk around the shop to make sure they were comfy. He had a hard time picking a pair from the 3 as he liked them all. Eventually he decided upon a pair of Jack Nano Jnr Shoes.

The shoes are made from black leather and are perfect for school, they also have a rubberised toe guard, and as any mum would know boys love to scuff the toes on their shoes almost immediately after purchase. The shoes fasten using 3 Velcro strips, this makes them really easy for a child to fasten and adjust them correctly.

The shoes are available from a size 13 and go all the way up to a 4. They also come in 4 different widths (E – H). The shoes are priced at Β£38. I think what swayed Callum to choose these shoes is the little Jack Nano figure that comes with the shoes. The toy is cleverly hidden in the heel of a shoe but can be seen in the heel underneath. Callum loves his little toy as does his brothers so he loves the fact that he can hide the toy from them.

Callum said the shoes are really comfy and easy to put on even when he’s in a rush. He really likes them and tells his friends they should have some too just for the Jack Nano toy. It is all he has spoken about since we got the shoes. Both Callum and I give these shoes an impressive 5/5 rating.

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