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I don’t know about you but when this time of year starts to come around I start dreading it with a passion, from September right until December our house is full of birthdays, parties and celebrations. We have Joshua’s birthday in September, it was my birthday last week, November sees my mum, brother and Nathan’s birthdays. In December we have both the inlaws birthdays (the mother in laws is on Christmas day too) and this is all without festivities such as Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas. So when the boys start asking for things like Halloween parties and costumes I usually look for the cheapest outfits (and hope they are invited to a friends party) I can possibly find as it is just another expense that we really shouldn’t pay out for – but how can you say no to your children especially when they ask so sweetly? the answer is obvious you cant. Plus as the boys are still so little I’d like them to be able to enjoy all the festivities and celebrations whilst their still young and interested in doing so. If your like us though and on a strict-ish budget money doesn’t stretch to ever demanding children and all their wants all the time. This is where Aldi step in and can help you considerably.

We were sent a lovely box full of Aldi Halloween items to review. All the items pictured below and many more are “Special Buys” and are available to buy instore now whilst stocks last. But please remember that stock does vary from store to store and that not all stores will stock all the items and many of these items will be popular and may sell out quickly.

The great thing about Aldi products it that the quality is fantastic even though the prices are so low. Many people think that because prices are low that the quality is on par with other supermarket own brand value range foods and products but this isn’t the case if anything Aldi foods and products are just as good as supermarket Finest and Luxury products but cost a lot less.

We were sent some face paints and a child’s Halloween costume, these are available to fit children aged 3 – 8 years old and are available in assorted designs, such as a cat, a witch, a vampire and a pumpkin. They are available to buy in store priced at Β£3.99 a set.

Also within the box was lots of yummy Halloween sweets and chocolates, this was definitely what the boys wanted to try. They loved them all and said they tasted very yummy. The spooky mallows are priced at 99p a bag as are the Chocolate bugs. The string bags of chocolate treats are priced at 79p a bag. These are great value for money and would please any party goers or trick or treaters that you may have call around. We will definitely be buying some of these treats from our local store soon.

 As it is national baking week Matthew decided to try his hands at using the pumpkin shaped cake tin we were sent from Aldi. the cake was really yummy and decorated with melted chocolate and icing. We think it looked great. There is also a skeleton shaped tin for sale too. These are priced at Β£1.99 each. He will definitely be making another one for the boys Halloween party.

To use at our party we were also sent some party ware items, we were sent some disposable cups and plates. These are very reasonably priced at 99p for a set of 8. They are also available in 3 different designs so you have plenty to chose from. The ice cube tray were sent will come in handy too as it will add a little something spooky to the children’s drinks.

All in all we are delighted with the Halloween range at Aldi, we have been asked by lots of friends if we can recommend a place as to where is best to buy Halloween things and we have recommended Aldi to all of them, purely on the basis of price and quality of all their items, plus the amount of products they have to offer you seriously cant go wrong. I would give the Aldi Halloween range a terroriffic 5/5 rating.

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