Travelling with Children – A Parent’s Guide

We have never had a proper family holiday. Don’t get me wrong we’ve had the odd small break with the boys say to a friends house for a few days or camping with Callum before his brothers came along but the whole thought of having to take the boys away for more than a few days to a caravan or abroad has never been that appealing. I know a lot of people do take their young children away but to me it has always meant just one thing STRESS!!!

But now that they are all a bit older and almost out of baby days we thought it was a good time to start thinking ahead to a family holiday for next summer. So when I was offered the chance to review Travelling with Children a Parents Guide from need2knowbooks I thought why not it might just prepare me for what lies ahead next summer.

Travelling with Children a Parents Guide is written by Catherine Cooper, a freelance  journalist who specialises in family travel. Her aim of the guide is to inspire parents to have the type of holiday they want, whatever that might be.

The Travelling with Children a Parents Guide book is priced at Β£9.99. The book is made up of 113 pages split up in to 11 easy to read chapters. These chapters are:

  1. The Right Holiday
  2. Plane, Train or Automobile?
  3. Babies and Toddlers
  4. Package Beach Holidays and Theme Parks
  5. Camping and Caravanning
  6. City Breaks
  7. Off the Beaten Track
  8. Skiing
  9. Luxury, Cruises and Spas
  10. Holidays on a Budget
  11. When Things Go Wrong

Now I’ve read the guide I wish I’d read it years ago, as maybe just maybe if I had I would have been brave enough to take the boys on holiday before now. It is a great guide for someone who is a first time parent travelling with their child for the first time or like us planning their first family holiday. Everything is split up into easy steps and it makes things look so much less complicated and makes you question your holiday choices to ensure it really is suitable for you and your family.

I will definitely be referring to the Travelling with Children a Parents Guide before I even look at booking our family holiday for next year, I would definitely recommend the guide and give it a rating of 4/5

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