My All Grow’d Up Cup

James has been trying out the My All Grow’d Up Cup for the last couple of weeks. The cup is the creation from mum of two Linzi Cracknell. Her aim was to design a cup that makes life easier for parents. For example in a car or at home. The cup comes with a holder so it can be placed in a car, on a window, door or fridge.

What I like about the cup is that it can stick to most surfaces around the home such as the fridge or a door, however it sticks best to glass. Which is ideal for in the car. The idea is that a child can get the cup for themselves and not be a nuisance to a parent who is driving or when at home to keep the cup in a safe place so it can be found without too much searching – lets face it we’ve all been there at some point. In our house its at least once a day! This cup has definitely made my life easier over the last few weeks.

James loves his new cup as it makes the sound of an elephant when he puts it back in its holder. The cup requires two AA batteries but these are included in the box. There is an off switch to save a parents sanity though as I found James’ favourite trick was to keep pulling the cup out of the holder and replacing it just so he could hear the elephant noise.

The cup is suitable for children aged 18months +. It is priced at Β£9.99, and available in 4 different colours, blue, green, pink or orange. The cup is dishwasher safe and is made BPA free. 

James has had lots of fun trying this cup out and has always been able to find his juice since using it, it has definitely made car journeys easier for me us too as he isn’t constantly asking for juice as he can see and grab his cup whenever he wants it. The My All Grow’d Up Cup gets a big thumbs up from us and a rating of 4/5.

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