Galt Play & Learn Times Tables

Callum has been sent a copy of the Galt Times Tables book. The book is aimed at children aged 6+. It is priced at Β£2.99 and can be bought from most good online retailers, such as John Lewis and Amazon. There are 3 other books in the series to help children learn.

Maths was always something I struggled with in school, I just couldn’t get my head around big equations and puzzles. I was always left confused and had to work extra hard in school to ensure that I got a good grade at the end of my GSCE’s. Luckily I had a lovely friend who helped me revise and talked me through endless ways to make things easier. I passed with a B and never ever touched maths again. The only time I do anything now is with  a calculator or a pen and piece of paper when adding lots of things together. I do believe my rubbish understanding of maths comes from the lack of help I got from my parents when younger. I was the child who was left to do her own thing as I was the bright one out of my siblings – or so I was labelled anyway. I vowed I would never treat my own children in the same way and help them now as much as I can. 
Callum hasn’t long started doing his times tables in school so is still on the easy ones as I call them (2s, 5s, 10s). He is very good at them and can tell you any answer off the top of his head. Although he isn’t on to the higher tables yet we have looked at the book together and he has managed to do most of the pages. The book makes times tables easy to understand. There are a lot of activities within the book such as colour by numbers, to find the colours you need to complete the sums. A dot to dot using the 10 times table and many others too. On some of the pages their is a grid square with numbers 1 – 100 printed. depending on the times table in question it tells you how to find the answers. On the back page there is robot grid this can be used for all the times tables covered in the book. It can be used to check all answers to all questions asked within the book.
I have really enjoyed helping Callum with his times tables and we certainly will be keeping this book to hand once he starts doing the higher tables. We have had fun and I could even help him when he got stuck. We give this book a 4/5 rating.

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