Galt Early Activities Alphabet Sticker Book

Nathan has been sent a copy of the Galt Alphabet book. The book is aimed at children aged 3+. It is priced at Β£2.99 and can be bought from most good online retailers, such as John Lewis and Amazon. There are 3 other books in the series to help preschool children learn.

The book encourages children to learn their alphabet by the use of stickers as a reward for doing something correctly. This is a great reward and Nathan like most children his age love stickers and getting them for doing something well.

A letter of the alphabet is covered on each page of the book. There is room for the child to copy and write the letter and their is a sticker for an object on each page e.g an apple sticker to cover an apple picture on the a page. Each page is full of colourful items starting with the letter too. This book is designed to help children to make important connections between sounds, letters and words before they can read.

Nathan has really enjoyed using this book with me and particularly liked the “n” page when he saw that the little boy on the page was called Nathan too! I would highly recommend this book to parents who are keen on helping their children learn. I give it a well deserved 4/5.

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