MAM Learn To Drink Cup

James was sent the Lean to Drink cup from the kind people at MAM.

The cup can hold 270ml of liquid. It is shaped so that it is easy for small hands to hold too. It is easy to take apart for cleaning and very easy to reassemble.

When James first tried the cup he wasn’t impressed, the spout is much harder than he is used too so kept leaving his drink. I kept on giving him the cup and after several attempts he finally realised he needed to make more effort to drink from it. He now has no problem drinking from the cup and will drink from it straight away.

He has a major thing for tipping juice on the floor in our house. I am pleased to report that the non spill valve in the cup works a treat and did actually stop James from doing this. I am so pleased we were sent this cup. It will definitely be one that is recommended to our mummy friends.
The cup can be purchased from around Β£4.58 and is available in pink and blue. We give the cup a brilliant 4/5.

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