MAM Baby’s Bowl & Baby’s Fork and Spoon

The lovely people over at MAM sent James the Baby’s Bowl & Baby’s Fork and Spoon sets.

The Baby’s Fork and Spoon set and the Baby’s Bowl are available to buy from the MAM online shop and are priced at £3.10 and £5.10. Both are suitable for babies aged 6 months plus. Both are BPA free.

 The bowl comes with a lid and suction cup so it can be stuck to a highchair or table. As the bowl has a lid it can be used whilst out and about or to store food in. The bowl also have a two tier design which makes it easier for a small child to pick food up out of the bowl.
The cutlery is made from soft non slippery plastic so it is easy for small hands to hold. They are curved so that it is easy for toddlers and babies to get used to holding cutlery properly.
Overall I am really pleased with both these two items I reviewed them together as I thought it was easier as we were using them at the same time. I would highly recommend them as would James as he has not used anything since at meal times. We award these MAM products a well deserved 4/5.

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