Jackson Reece Baby Wipes

Jackson Reece has come a long way since they were created in 2003. Winner of many baby awards over the last few years (including gold award in 2010/2011 in the Mother and Baby Awards)  just shows how popular they are with parents today. They are a natural wipe that contains no Alcohol, Lanolin, Parabens, Benzoates or soaps – all which are used in baby wipes and are known to cause irritation and drying of skin. Instead the Jackson Reece wipes are made from vegetable or plant extracts. The wipes are biodegradable as is the packaging – which is a first for any baby wipe company in the world.

I was very kindly sent some packets of Jackson Reece Baby Wipes to review. I am lucky that all 3 boys have reasonably healthy skin, we have had very mild eczema cases with Callum and Nathan when they were younger but this has only ever caused them discomfort when the weather has changed as the temperature seemed to trigger it off.  James on the other hand has never had eczema but has suffered with nappy rash and this has always been at its worst when teething, we’ve had bleeding blisters on his bottom and he’s hated nappy changing with a passion and would cry in pain when we had to wipe his bum. I can honestly say that since using the Jackson Reece wipes we’ve not had any problems with his skin at all. We have been using the Jackson Reece toilet wipes with Nathan and he is finding it easier cleaning himself with the moist wipes than using toilet roll.

The wipes have a refreshing but gentle scent to them, only organic Lavender, Tea Tree and Aloe Vera are used in the wipes. The wipes are very soft but thick so are easy to clean even the dirtiest of bottoms. I had my reservations about the wipes actually being any good as when I have purchased organic wipes in the past I found that they didn’t work well and weren’t wet enough to actually clean any mess. I have changed my opinions on this type of wipe and will definitely use them again, The Jackson Reece wipes are plenty wet enough and even keep their wetness well within an opened packet.

The wipes are available in packets that contain 72 wipes and can be purchased from all good retailers including John Lewis, Superdrug, Mothercare and from many online retailers too. They are priced between Β£2 and Β£3 depending on where you buy them. They are available in 3 different varieties, scented, unscented and toilet wipes.

I will be recommending these wipes to all my friends as not only are they kind and gentle to a babies skin but they also help us do our bit for the environment by being biodegradable. I would rate these with a fantastic 4/5.

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