HTC Cha Cha Mobile Phone

I have been so lucky over the last fortnight, as I have very kindly been sent a HTC Cha Cha mobile phone to review from the lovely people over at 3.

The phone can be purchased for £199 on pay as you go or can be bought on a contract for as little as £20, more information on this can be found at http://threestore.three.co.uk/.
I have to say I was worried about being able to use the phone when it arrived as the reception can be very hit and miss even though we live in a large town, but I have to say it held so well in and around the area where I live as we usually have problems keeping reception. 3 kindly sent me a sim card loaded with £10 but I also had unlimited data and texts plus 300 cross network minutes that i could use. I have found that even being on the net most of the day and texting reasonably often i still haven’t used my limits. I am extremely impressed by this as it has always been a concern of mine in the past with previous phones.

The Cha Cha is one of the latest smartphones brought out by HTC. It runs the android operating system. From the android market you can download 1000’s of apps many of which are free so that you can customise the phone with fantastic ringtones, backgrounds and games, one favourite in our house is Angry Birds it is just far too addictive and I don’t have enough time in the day.

I have listed the main phone specifications here.

Battery life.
Standby: 350 Hours
Talk Time: 350 Minutes
Resolution: 5MP
Flash Type: LED
Depth: 10.88mm
Height: 114mm
Width: 66.5mm
Weight: 120g
FM Radio
Band: Quad
FM Radio
Music Player
Video Player
Voice Dial

I was asked to review the phone so that it tied in with some research carried out by 3 back in March. The research focused on Mums and what it means to be a modern mum. This may sound rather boring but in fact the figures when broken down are quite interesting. It wasn’t until i saw this information that i realise just how much us mums do on a daily / weekly basis for our families, don’t get me wrong I would never swap my place with anyone but now I can see just why I am so tired at the end of a busy day. The graph below shows the activities which an average mum does each day.
The research showed that mums spent an average of 10 hours a day doing household tasks. If us mums were paid for this work we would earn £37,000 a year. The saying “a mothers work is never done” is certainly true as we work all hours round the clock cleaning, cooking and caring for our families.
3 have also been very busy working with mums over the last few months and even held a competition to find the best family app for use on a smartphone. the winning app was Family Quest, this is an app that aims to bring families closer together by helping out doing weekly chores. More information about this can be found on 3’s Facebook page
I do have to admit that the Cha Cha has been an amazing addition to my life over the last two weeks, It has meant I can keep in touch with my friends whilst out and about or whilst doing the chores. I admit to being one of the worlds noisiest people and have ended up sitting at the pc for hours talking to my best friend when I should of been doing something instead, with the Cha Cha it is so easy as you can log into your Facebook chat and if anyone wants to talk to you it just pops up on screen. It is also easy to log out of too so if you find yourself too busy talking instead of doing your weekly shop you can log out quickly. 
The Cha Cha has been named the Facebook phone and this is because it has Facebook button that allows you to post a status or a picture (from the camera or already taken pictures) straight to your wall or that of your friends, it is so much quicker and easier than doing it through a Facebook app on other smart phones.
I would highly recommend this phone to my mummy friends or any of my friends in fact, it is small and compact and has lots of things to suit everyone. It is reasonably priced and looks very stylish. I would give it a rating of 5/5.

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