Curious Caterpillar Activity Pull-along Toy

We were sent a lovely Curious Caterpillar Activity Pull-along Toy from www.littlebirdtoldme.co.uk. The toy is suitable for children aged 6months+ and is priced at Β£16.

The toy is made up of a caterpillar and an apple, it is a very cute looking caterpillar that lives in a brightly coloured apple. The caterpillar and apple are made up different textured materials and activities like a bell, a squeaker, mirror and crinkly bits too. James thought it was great making the caterpillar rattle and squeak at the same time.

Everything on the toy is designed with safety in mind, the pull cord has a Velcro fastening so it can come undone, the wooden wheels are removable too so  the toy can be played with without them.

James loved the caterpillar, even though he is slightly too big for the toy himself he still loved pulling it around the floor and making the caterpillar move in and our of the apple. He also enjoyed taking the wheels out of the apple and rolling them on the floor!. He has given the toy to our neighbours to play with as both Charlie and Spencer took a shine to it when they came to play. As they are younger than James they are sure to get a lot more use and play out of it. We would definitely consider buying this toy for some of our younger friends. We give this a fabulous 4/5 rating.

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