The Terrible Two’s

With me already having two boys you’d think that i would know what to expect from the terrible twos wouldn’t you? Wrong wrong wrong. Callum and Nathan both had  their moments believe me but they have nothing and I mean nothing on James and his tantrums!!!. He has found his voice and I don’t mean in a good way either. If he doesn’t get the toy he wants or a drink of juice when he wants it boy do we know about it!!
I hate taking him shopping because if he tantrums whilst were in a shop I just know the look I’ll get from fellow shoppers or the people who run or work in the shops. I’m pretty sure many of them think I have a spoilt brat on my hands and its all because I say no to chocolate or a drink (yes I’m a mean mummy)
However last night definitely had to be the tantrum of all tantrums in my eyes, I’d taken the boys to bed at 7pm as normal, all was well they were all settled and asleep by half 8!! I went to bed at 1am after catching up with friends on Facebook and watching a film (its the weekend so I’m allowed to stay up late). James decides that this was now the time to get up and I for one didn’t agree. I tried the nicely nicely approach and hoped James would be a good boy and go back to sleep, what was his answer? no mummy!! So I sit talking to him, singing to him, stroking his face and I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere he begins to close his eyes and go back to sleep!! So… I make my getaway bearing in mind its now 1.45am!! and just as I’m at my door I hear this scream coming from James room MUMMMYYYYYYYYY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, and he just continued to scream louder and louder anyone nearby would think he was being murdered for sure! I did try to ignore it but after half an hour I was back in the room repeating the earlier steps!!! I’m hoping this was a one off as James is usually a good sleeper and has been since 6 weeks old. As he still cant say much I’m assuming he’d maybe had a bad dream or possibly toothache but urghhhhhhh not good when your body is so out of the loop of sleepless nights!

I think Super Nanny maybe needed in our house in the future should these tantrums not subside soon!!

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